TronPy can be installed using pip as follows:

> pip3 install tronpy


Only Python 3.6+ is supported.

Using TronPy

This library depends on a connection to an TRON node. We call these connections Providers. Currently, only HTTP Provider is available.

There are preset networks along with client, use network= to choose from the mainnet or testnets.

The mainnet

from tronpy import Tron

client = Tron()  # The default provider, mainnet


from tronpy import Tron

client = Tron(network="nile")  # The Nile Testnet is preset
# or "shasta", "tronex"

Private network

from tronpy import Tron
from tronpy.providers import HTTPProvider

client = Tron(HTTPProvider(""))  # Use private network as HTTP API endpoint

With custom default fee limit

The default fee limit is 5_000_000 for contract deploy or trigger, 0 otherwise.

# set fee_limit 10 TRX
client = Tron(network='nile', conf={'fee_limit': 10_000_000})

Connection timeout

The default timeout is 10s.

# set timeout to 20s for a slow network
client = Tron(network='nile', conf={'timeout': 20.0})

Getting Blockchain Info

>>> client.get_block()
{'blockID': '000000000064ac1f04aa38427cb78fb537c6b13115f2e6ed225625990af01a3f',
 'block_header': {'raw_data': {'number': 6597663,
                             'parentHash': '000000000064ac1e8be0ae18b26a066e04d2895948d1a318ded6add9f0712641',
                             'timestamp': 1592503713000,
                             'txTrieRoot': '0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000',
                             'version': 16,
                             'witness_address': '41e98ec1e5d55585f19cd9759d494af777d7041e0e'},
                 'witness_signature': '7aa9ece51dc0e82b683570b2c9b792a5b1e298d52c6adb109cb3abb487a87948552007bd7baab6c8c539e9d105e324e6cb40da650e87595b4da08329b405083101'}}